Tereze Gluck


Tereze Gluck has been creating jewelry 
for twenty years.  She is both a 
goldsmith, fabricating one-of-a-kind 
pieces directly in high-karat gold, and 
a model-maker, carving small sculptural 
pieces and casting them in gold vermeil 
and silver.  She has studied classical 
jewelry with master goldsmith Cecelia 
Bauer, and has also studied enameling,  
model making, and various glass 
techniques.  Her jewelry is inspired by 
her many travels, as well as historical 
aesthetic traditions.

Before becoming a goldsmith and jewelry 
designer, Tereze Gluck was a published 
writer (the author of an award-winning 
story collection entitled 
May You Live 
In Interesting Times
) and a corporate 
Vice President for a large global