Classical jewelry is jewelry made the way the ancient Greeks and Romans and Etruscans made it.  High-carat gold is fused and often decorated in a technique called granulation.  Stones are set in bezels rather than prongs.  Many classical necklaces are made with a wire-wrapping technique connecting the beads.

TOP ROW:22k gold granulated earrings with tourmalines and tanzanites, $2200.
22k gold granulated earrings with mandarin garnets, peridot, and citrines, $2500.
22k gold granulated ring with yellow beryl, $1320.
SECOND ROW:22k gold woven double chain with granulated clasp, $2500.22k gold 
granulated ring with kunzite, $1525.22k gold stack rings with pink sapphire, 
opal, mandarin garnet, yellow sapphire; from $675.
THIRD ROW: 22k gold bezel bracelet with tourmalines, tanzanite, peridot, iolite,
aquamarine, citrine, $9000.22k gold wire wrap necklace with peridot, citrine, 
tanzanite and aquamarine beads, $1100.22k gold granulated earrings with London 
blue topaz trilliants, $2200.