Art deco... more art deco.  (Maybe I'll be inspired by another decade, eventually. )

TOP ROW:'Deco' bracelet, 10k gold, $2200.18k gold vermeil, $1300.'Embossed' bracelet, 18k gold vermeil, $385.'Band' ring with 5 colored sapphires, 18k gold, $1100.SECOND ROW:  Chrysoberyl ring with diamonds, 14k gold, $1200. 'Film Center' Bracelet, 18k gold vermeil, $1800.'Zelda' ring, 18k gold with imperial topaz, montana sapphires and black diamonds, $2200.THIRD ROW: 'Large Box' earrings, 18k gold vermeil with citrines, $385.'Box' bracelet, 18k gold vermeil, $385.'Ribbed' cuff, 18k gold vermeil with blue topaz, $1300.'Ribbed' ring, 18k gold vermeil with blue topaz, $400.'Free-form bracelet' in 18k gold vermeil with two rose-cut diamonds, $400.